Joselyn Todd's Biography

Joselyn J. Todd's Biography

Hello.  I am very excited to be starting as a new faculty member at Pine Spring Prep Academy this fall. A bit about me. I love all things related to science, technology, and mathematics. Originally, I am from a small, rural farming village in the Northwest area of Illinois- the Villiage of Cambridge.  I come from a family of educators as my parents taught for a combined 70 years in public education and my twin sister and brother are also educators.  My younger sister is a technology developer and spends plenty of time doing education projects in her local community and schools.

I've had the opportunity to teach and learn from students ages 8 to 20+ for nearly 25 years in public and private education as well as through my own business. I am trained as a molecular geneticist. My great interest in science was derived from my Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral work with the human genome as well as the plant genome, and this led me into teaching. I love the disciplines of Molecular Genetics (think DNA), Anatomy and Physiology, and Chemistry. Most recently I was at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center doing anti-viral research.

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy rock climbing, walking/running, and activities in the great outdoors.

Most Memorable Learning Experience: When I was a teen, some of my most interesting learning experiences occurred in the basement of my house. I had way too much fun with a chemistry kit!

Again, I am really looking forward to inspiring, teaching, and learning this year with yet another generation of young scientists.  Go, Pioneers!