The Pioneer Program

Academics at Pine Springs Preparatory Academy

Pine Springs Preparatory Academy’s curriculum framework is the Core Knowledge Sequence. The curriculum and pedagogy is based on a classical curriculum with a particular emphasis on grammar and logic. The Grammar stage encompasses learning facts and background knowledge. In the Logic stage, Socratic questioning, logical argumentation, and discursive reasoning come to the fore. During the Grammar stage, teachers will provide a rigorous grounding in the basics of English, history, mathematics, science, art, and music by using the Core Knowledge Sequence developed by E. D. Hirsch, Jr. Teachers will emphasize observation, memorization, and recitation during this stage. Pine Springs Preparatory Academy will also use Singapore math to give a strong grounding in math.

Reading material will be chosen to reinforce domain knowledge and vocabulary. In line with the Core Knowledge philosophy and the NC Curriculum Standards, complex texts, both fiction and non-fiction, will be read and analyzed.

Pine Springs Preparatory Academy will explicitly teach core values.  The Pioneer Core Values include themes of patience, courage, justice, prudence, moderation, honesty, responsibility, and self-discipline which aligns to the school mission.  We practice daily morning meetings and teach core values through an integrated curriculum approach.

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