Lottery & Waitlist Status

NEW:  All families that applied through July 14th will be listed on the waitlist status link below. Remember if you applied after January 1st and you were not part of the lottery your child has been added to the waitlist in the order that you applied according to the timestamp on your application (shaded in gray to indicate post-lottery).

Parents of children that are offered a seat at Pine Springs will have 48 hours to accept or decline their child’s seat (after July 1st our acceptance window is 48 hours).  Therefore, this page will be updated accordingly then.  Please remember if you are applying for more than one child and one of your children gets in that does not result in your other child(ren) receiving priority enrollment.  We only offer priority enrollment to siblings of currently enrolled students at PSPA, and that is only if space allows.

Our newest round of offers went out on Wednesday, August 15th in grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd.  Any family that wishes to accept their child’s seat needs to turn in their completed application by Friday, August 17th at 4pm.  The google sheet below will not be updated prior to then as a result.  If seats are still available after that time we will update the sheet to reflect the seats accordingly.  Thank you!

Important to note: sometimes you will see movement within your child’s grade even if no seats have been offered.  This is due to parents emailing Pine Springs Prep and asking that their child be removed from the waitlist, thus resulting in your child moving up on the waitlist. 


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